Today I announced that on my coffee break I would be heading to the library across the street to return a couple of books, and possibly even browse a bit… (Hey, I had to remain true to my moniker, despite pressing homework for grad school!)

My co-worker, who is  a 1.5 generation Russian immigrant, and hasn’t visited a library in at least a decade, but loves books, perked up and asked if she could tag along. Along the way she confided to me that she used to visit the library in Manhattan, years ago, but that a former lover had ruined her “credit” there by taking out books in her name and then never returning them. She was assuming that she was blacklisted forever, and that she could never take out books anywhere else in New York City.

I assured her that, thankfully, the Queens library system is quite separate from the NYPL, and that she could most likely apply for a Queens library card. She was amazed to find that this was, indeed true and was awarded a deep gold card for her effort of crossing the street with me.

 We came back laden with sci fi books (in both Russian and English) for her and a motley collection of books for me. Quite content. :)

Here are the books I took out:

a couple of Madeline L’Engle books (I heard she died a few weeks ago, and I wanted to read some of my faves by her to honor her memory.)

The Yiddish Policeman’s Union by Michael Chabon

The Book of Air and Shadows by Michael Gruber

Libraries, Museums, and Archives edited by Tomas A. Lipinski

I love you, let’s Meet – Adventures in Online Dating by Virginia Vitzhum


I must admit, I’m most interested in these last two. The library science one, because I think that perusing it will give me some good ideas for my research paper for my 701 class. The online dating one, because, well, the topic is fascinating to me! :)

I seriously doubt that I’ll get around to reading Chabon’s and Gruber’s books before they are due, since I have so much other reading to do for school. Not to mention labs, exercises and studying.