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I discovered an intriguing video dubbed Information R/evolution via the Library Student Journal Blog. In fact, I’m linking to it via their blog, which is itself a great new discovery (for me) and which I’ll be adding to my blogroll.

Information R/evolution was made by Michael Wesch, who is an Assistant Professor of Cultural Anthropology at Kansas State University. What I discovered from reading about him on KSU’s website is that he also created Web 2.0 … The Machine is Us/ing Us in January of 2007, which became an instant YouTube hit, which has now been seen over 3 million times.

I feel like I’m in a whirlwind of information flying at me and by me as I view these videos. I find them exciting, stimulating, but also a bit overwhelming… There is just so much information out there to absorb. No wonder the phrase information overload has become ubiquitous. But, what to do? I’m simultaneously excited to learn all this and overwhelmed by all this…


Here is yet another site about libraries… which examines librarianship and libraries by asking and answering questions:

The Libraries FAQ

My only complaint is that some of the links (for example, the ones to US News & World Report’s Library School rankings) are old and broken.

but on the whole, worth a quick gander.

The South Asian Women’s Creative Collective is having their fifth annual LitFest–with the intriguing name of Electric Ladyland–on November 2nd and 3rd… As a bookish desi I of course had to blog this!

Here is the description of the festival as listed on their website:

The South Asian Women’e Creative Collective (SAWCC) and The New School University invite you to Electric Ladyland, SAWCC’s fifth annual literary event. Thistwo-day series of readings, panels and workshops features South Asians writing literature that personal, political, and popular.

As pop culture and politics intersect, literature provides an avenue for women to find their groove. This festival explores the electricity of South Asians writing in a different time, in different ways—through the lenses of music, food, the Internet, politics, criticism, poetry and fiction. Electric Ladyland will provide an opportunity for these works to converge and spark new dialogue.

I don’t know what I am most excited about… Is the mash-up reading on Nov 2nd? (I’ll be reading too!) Is it the two writing workshops (one on fiction, the other on memoir) on Nov 3rd? Is it the politics and writing panel on the 3rd? Or is it just the idea of tons of interesting, electrically-bookish desi folks converging for a weekend of delicious literary talk in NYC?

Perhaps I’ll see some of you at Electric Ladyland? (ps Males are quite welcome to attend as well! :) )


Check out this interesting website:


A simple layout with Craigslist-like simple links to tons of resources for librarians and would-be librarians, from listserv recommendations, to library associations, to links for APA and MLA citation advice, this is a great one stop shop, rather than googling (or other searching) each type of library question independently.

This is a site which would be great to have shortlisted on one’s bookmark toolbar. I’m definitely going to Stumble this one!

Their About page says:

Internet Library for Librarians has been a popular information resource site for librarians since 1994. It is an information portal designed for librarians to locate Internet resources related to their profession. It has received many awards, including SUNLINK Link of the Week, Digital Librarian Award from Argus Clearinghouse, the Best Library and Reference Site from LibrarySpot, and Five Stars from Anbar Cool Sites. Internet Library for Librarians is also linked and referenced by hundreds of libraries and other organizations, including the Library of Congress and OCLC.

Internet Library for Librarians provides links to more than 3,000 resources. All the resources are recommended, selected, and reviewed by librarians. Each entry has a full description of the goals and /or scope of the resource, as well as the contact information if provided. Internet Library for Librarians is a handy and useful tool for both novices and experienced library staff.

We encourage our users to send us suggestions so that we can keep this site updated. Your input is crucial for our efforts to continue to improve Internet Library for Librarians.

This site was originally created by Vianne Sha in 1994. InfoWorks Technology Company then published it to the library community in 1996. Vianne Sha, as the chief editor and the Webmaster, maintained the site until June 2001. In January 2002, InfoWorks Technology Company redeveloped the site. Currently, It is maintained by Internet Library for Librarians Editorial Team. The current executive editor is Yongmei Gu.


… which I discovered while surfing the web today to take the temperature of Libraryland!

 The name of the blog is as specific as it gets:

Friends: Social Networking Sites for Engaged Library Services

And the description is: Friends: Social Networking Sites for Engaged Library Services is devoted to the use of online social networking sites for any and all types of library-related programs or services.

Upon a quick preliminary perusal, this site appears to me quite packed with useful information with library students –or new librarians– eager and willing to learn exactly how social networking could be used in creative ways to enhance library services. It’s great to read at this time, because I was just starting to feel somewhat cynical about “all the technology” out there, wondering whether or not this was just more stuff to surf and have fun with, or if there really is some use which librarians –and users– can make of it, besides the “isn’t it so cool I found my friend from ten years ago on Facebook” feature. I’ll definitely be adding this blog to my library blogroll!

Here is the blog entry which caught my eye today…

… and if you don’t have a backup.

Somehow I landed on this webpage at the tail end of a websearch for something else… It was scary (but in a fascinating way) to read about how a whole listserv database was wiped out due to a disk crash.

More reason than ever to have back-ups of all data!

This morning I awoke to yet another intriguing email from my library school listserv, one that at times seems oh-too-prolific… (if only because the emails send me off on internet tangents which are informative but hardly productive to the task at hand, whatever it may be.) But of course, they can be quite productive when it comes to food for thought for this blog. Today’s email was a case in point, as it directed me to the latest issue of the online journal Information Research. Read the rest of this entry »

Too tired right now to describe…

but check out these links on Web 2.0

(maybe in the future I’ll be untired enough to edit?)

Finally. I wondered when Google was going to do this… and now it has, albeit in a limited fashion, for now. Here’s the link:

How did I find out about Google Transit you ask? Well I Stumbled on it via StumbleUpon. Someone out there had recommended the App Scout website and voila!

Of course, I and my fellow NYC residents must still Hopstop it for a while, as Google for some mysterious reason ignored NYC in this beta version of Google Transit. Ah well. Patience.

I’ve been working on school projects for much of the day… So I thought I’d share one of my my favorite ways to take a study break– Muffin Films!

This website, featuring 12 delicious and riduculous films about, of all things, muffins, was first introduced to me by a friend at an online community, 43Things. I’ll write more about the wonders of 43Things in a later post.

In the meantime, enjoy a study break with muffins!

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