Apparently there is an entire conference out there for librarians who want to whole-heartedly embrace the internet and its related technologies in their librarianship.

 It is called Internet Librarian and this year’s conference is entitled 2.0: INFO PROS, LIBRARY COMMUNITIES, & WEB TOOLS and it’s coming up soon – in Monterey, California, October 27th – October 31st. Here’s the schedule, if you’re intrigued enough to take a peek, as I was.

 Hmm… Maybe our Technology of Information prof at Queens College should take us on over to Monterey for a field trip, eh? :) After all, it’s being billed as

“the ONLY conference for information professionals who are using, developing, and embracing Internet, Intranet, and Web-based strategies in their roles as information architects and navigators,Webmasters and Web managers, content evaluators and developers, taxonomists, searchers, community builders, information providers, trainers, guides, and more.”

Seriously, though, the sessions do sound fascinating, though for now I’m probably at my saturation level with all that I’m learning in my Tech of Info class… but it’s a great thing to tuck away into the back of the mind… I like, for example that one of the sessions is entitled Librarians as Knowledge Managers. I like the idea that I’m learning how to be a Knowledge Manager… Although I would prefer another word instead of manager, which sounds kind of corporate to my ears… How about Knowledge Guide, Knowledge Seeker, Knowledge Interpreter… Hmm, these titles are sounding positively Vedantic! Any other suggestions out there?

Below, by the way, in case you didn’t click on the tempting link above, are some of the other sessions that caught my eye. Not that I’m going. Not that I wouldn’t want to… But then who’d write the Technology Purchase Paper for me, right?

Screencasting & E-Learning on a Shoestring

iTune Librarians & RSSperts (You mean I can be an iTunes Librarian??? Sign me up!)

Virtual Worlds & Libraries

Visual Information Retrieval (This one reminds me of our last lab in the Tech of Information class, wherein we explored various visual-based search engines.)