The New York Times just wrote about StumbleUpon in an intriguing article in their Sunday technology section today. Here’s the link.

The reasons this article made me sit up and take notice is that one, I’ve been Stumbling for quite some time now (since 2005–albeit with LONG breaks). In fact I originally found Stumble in my usual internet way – I literally stumbled upon it in one of my tangential internet searches. If you are on Stumble, look me up – my id there is IndianGirl. And, just so you know, my profile on there is quite dated… I need to get in there and change a few things, including my profession and the fact that I no longer live in California!

At any rate, a second reason I was intrigued is that the Stumble site was the focus of one of our labs in my Tech of Info class. I guess before the lab and reading the NYT article, I would have just said that Stumble is a fun and intelligent thing to do, but not necessarily of much use. But now I realize that if one thinks as a librarian or as an information specialist, that then one realizes that Stumble has huge potential… It’s an internet version of a Subject catalog, but one which is hugely affected by how users perceive the sites which it catalogs.

I must say I was disappointed to find out that Ebay had recently bought Stumble, though. It seems that all the sites I most love are being snapped up by these huge corporations. One cannot blame the site developers, really, after all there is serious money to be made, and yet, my idealistic self would love to see these types of sites unfettered by corporate for-profit ties. But I guess that, across the board, things will be moving more in that for-profit direction rather than less… take a look, in fact, at my next post to see another chilling move in that direction.