I am frantically studying for my first “quiz” (feels more like a quarter-term exam) in my Tech of Info class, therefore this post will be quite short. But I had to post this. One of the topics I’m studying is the history of computers. Charles Babbage is widely given credit for first coming up with the idea of a mechanical device which would make computations – which at the time, he termed a “difference engine” – aka the first glimmerings of a plan to make a computer.

Well, in doing some Wikipedia research on Mr. Babbage and his ‘accomplice’ Lady Ada Lovelace (the first programmer ever!) I came upon a link for a book entitled The Difference Engine… Upon clicking the link I was pleasantly surprised to find that this is actually a novel based upon a delicious premise — the premise of What if computers (as we know them) had come into being earlier in time? How would history have been different?

This is definitely a book to place on my GoodReads or my Library Thing to-read list!