When I was a child, I would get so excited about a visit to the library, that it would at times have a physical effect on me… in the form of having to run to the bathroom. Embarrassing, but true.

So, you can imagine the excitement involved in my first bonafide library job ever. Thank god, though, that I am no longer running to the loo… :) Today is my 11th actual day on the job, which, (along with a myriad school commitments) explains my longish hiatus from blogging.

Am typing this during a break in my day… While I am not officially a “librarian” per se, I basically do the work of one, rather than clerical work. (Although, of course, there is a fair amount of clerical work to be done as well, which is fine by me, as I am one of those learn by doing people.) This involves, among other responsibilities, womanning the reference desk. So far, I have researched or answered questions about (or put on hold) everything from books on cats, the scientific cause of absorption, how to get a patent, Native American tribes of New York State, sapphires, emeralds, Mein Kampf (!), and one very enthusiastic customer who waxed eloquent on Jim Morrisson… In addition to this, I now have several patrons who already know me by name… I hope that’s a good thing!

More soon…