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Right about now, all of the MLS and MLIS students I know are quite stressed. So I thought I’d share some Library/Librarian Humor that I found on various blogs and websites. Not too many though, since I need to get back to my own website project!

LISNews: Librarian Pickup Lines

YouTube (Sesame Street): – Rock & Roll Readers

Warrior Librarian: Library Quiz Answers From Middle Schoolers

Life Story Writing Network: Something Called B-O-O-K 

ERIC’s serious take on humor: Librarian Humor in Classroom and Reference

Biblia’s Library Weekly: Computer error alerts for OPACs (wishful thinking)

I have a couple of podcast shows which discuss the desi immigrant experience, but I haven’t uploaded new episodes in a tremendously long time– and there are so many episodes that are lying dormant on my computer – half edited Audacity files, unedited mp3 files, half written scripts… you name it, it’s there. I also have a separate podcasting project I want to do for work, on a team with another library associate, wherein we will work with the youth from our communities (an immensely diverse group) on recording their experiences as first and second generation immigrants.

Ah, but where’s the time?!

I hope that once this semester’s over, I will be able to attack all of my podcasting projects with gusto and stop this “podcrastinating!”

Right now I’m hard at work on a project for one of my library school classes: designing a website. One of the things that is highly absorbing and yet frustrating is picking colors for the site. I have been spending quite a bit of time on the w3schools website, looking at their html color names page… It’s a bit like being in an ice cream shop and being torn between many wildly different and yet equally tantalizing flavors. Sure there’s the flavors you know right away that you don’t want, but what about the others? What if you initially decide to go with something fruity (subtle, like strawberry, or Pow! like raspberry sherbet? ) but then your friend nudges you and you spy the coffee and chocolaty flavors that she’s been eyeing?


Right now I’m drawn to these colors:





I could go on and on… But I need to choose! And soon!

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