There is a kid who comes into our library on an almost daily basis. My nickname for him in this blog will be “The Holy Terror,” (AKA “HT”). Actually, he’s not really a terror, but he does have one of the loudest voices I have ever heard in a library. I must say that I sympathize, since I too have a propensity to speak quite loudly.

The HT is a bright kid who means well but tends to boss around the other kids–mostly boys–and at times cajoles them out of their computer time. Despite his bossy nature, he’s one of those proverbial “heart of gold” kids, though, since the other boys seem to go along with what he wants and don’t look too unhappy – he’s one of those born leader types, albeit a bit too overt about the power structure. Through the guiles of our weekly chess program instructor (who is worth his weight in a combination of any precious metals and then some), all of these boys have gotten hooked on chess and now they visit the library on a regular basis to play chess. (As I told another librarian yesterday, back when I was a teacher, I would have cried tears of joy had my kids been remotely interested in anything that didn’t require pushing a remote, clicking a mouse, or swishing around a joystick. Needless to say, the leader of the “chess gang” is the Holy Terror. He usually rules over his little Chess Fiefdom as a Benign Tyrant – sometimes encouraging, at other times goading and taunting, but always, always LOUD. [continued in The Holy Terror (part 2)]