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Well, you can’t say you haven’t been warned. When a blogger starts a post with capitalization run amuck and flings about words like “end” and “era” the reader should be aware that some sentimentality might be creeping around the corner.

This past Saturday was indeed the end of an era for the library at which I work, as it was the last day we were open to the public before undergoing renovation, which is slated to last at least two years.

Two years! For the kids who have made our library part of their after school ritual on a near-daily basis, two years is an unimaginably long time. T., who is seven and just in second grade now, will be nine and in fourth! Nine! When we talked about it, I could see in his eyes, he had no sense of what it means to be nine… It seemed to be an eon away. The Holy Terror, who is a youngish 13 right now and at the top of the middle school pyrimad, will be well into adolescence and the press of high school life. Twelve year old V. admitted that she was going to be very very sad to miss all of her friends who congregate at the library.

More to the point, where will these kids go?

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