… and how! Already have had two sessions of each class I’m taking this semester. Which, for the record, are a research class (wherein I have to do a real-live research project) and a more fun but still lots of work Managing New Technologies class. (Finally, a legitimate reason to delve into Facebook, Flickr, YouTube, Posterous, Technorati, Digg, Delicious and all those other cool Web 2.0 sites!)

On top of this all, I’m in the thick of a thorny fellowship application which had had my butt glued to a chair in front of my parents’ computer for most of the Labor Day weekend.

But, the kids at the library are still making my day, every day. The day before yesterday, H., an 11 year old girl, came in looking for ‘scary books,’ so I picked my tired self up off the ref desk chair and scoured the shelves with her. Half hour and some impromptu booktalks later, a very happy H left the library.