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Today I’m sitting at the reference desk in a special section of our main branch, a section that is devoted to Education and Job related information. This is part of an “internal internship” program wherein my employer actively encourages those of us in school for library science to learn about different departments and divisions within our system. While here, I’ve been scanning some etiquette-y books that I found interesting earlier this morning when I was searching the shelves for books that were place on hold. What led me to these books is that one of the books on hold was entitled Look, Speak, & Behave for men. The title captured my imagination, and so I started to peek at some of the other books in that area. Here are a couple I scanned through while at the reference desk:

Look, Speak, & Behave for women: expert advice on Image, Etiquette, and Effective Communication for the Professional by Jamie Yasko-Mangum
This is somewhat prescriptive and didactic in tone, as one would expect from the title. It’s worth about as much time as I was able to give it – about five minutes.

Things You Need to Be Told: a handbook for Polite Behavior in a tacky, rude world! by the Etiquette grrls (There is actually an exclamation mark at the end of the title!!!)
Um. Yeah. Lots of Gratuitous Capitalization and tedious Advice.

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