Book: Will Grayson, Will Grayson by David Green and John Levithan
Genre(s): Contemporary Realistic Fiction, GLBTQ
Publisher: Dutton Juvenile
Publication date: 2010
304 pages
Other: Currently being considered by many Mock Printz award committees

Summary: Will Grayson often feels that he is defined by being the long-suffering, good-natured, straight best friend of literally-and-figuratively larger than life Tiny Cooper (completely out-of-the-closet gay football player and writer of over-the-top musicals).

unknown to him, in another suburb not too far from his own there is another will grayson who leads a very different life. will, a writer and internet addict, is coming to terms with the fact that he might just be gay and have a huge crush on his new internet friend, isaac, while his in-school best friend, maura, has a huge crush on him.

What will happen when the lives of these two Wills (and their friends) collide? Can the space-time continuum survive such a meeting? Given that in the mix Tiny Cooper is directing a musical called, get this, Tiny Dancer, with the main character of “Gil Wrayson,” many high jinks will go down before the dust settles.

To whom will this appeal?: Smart aleck teens and tweens who are ready to take in stride a smart, funny, sarcastic novel in which being gay is not a big deal. The book is fast paced and dialogue driven, and with an almost trendy, contemporary feel. Character development is extremely well done, even with the character of Tiny being so over-the-top uber-everything. As the chapters alternate from the POV of Will and will, readers will be racing to see what happens next. Fans of romance (and bromance) will also find this novel satisfying, but only if they’re okay with a very unconventional ending.