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Here is a screenshot of my computer, during the course of a conversation with a parent. I had just signed her and her son up for library cards, and also for Summer Reading… Take a look. :-)

The other day I went to a local middle school to make presentations about Summer Reading to sixth graders. In one classroom, the inquisitive ones started asking me about the looming budget cuts my library system is facing.

While I was there to tell them about how and why they could/should join Summer Reading, I was impressed with their interest in the library’s woes, and so briefly talked about the budget crisis, and said that we’re facing about $20 million in cuts and that this could impact the service that they receive.

At this, one energetic boy started to wildly wave his hand, which I could not ignore. When I said, yes?, he bursted out, “No, it’s $25.2 million!”

I gave him a salute.

So, I decided to follow in my friend Joy’s footsteps and join this weekly meme, begun by Sheila, of the Bookjourney blog. 

Here’s what I’m reading, currently:

Book: Tell Us We’re Home by Marina Budhos

Genre: Contemporary Realistic Young Adult fiction
Publisher: Atheneum
Publication date: May 2010
Paperback: 297 pages

Right now I’m on page 94…. and am loving it so far. The following is just a short something about the book, and not meant to be a review or even a complete musing. The setting is a richy-rich suburban town in NJ, and the main characters are not, like in most YA fiction set in such towns, bitchy rich girls, but rather, they are the three daughters of women who work as nannies and housekeepers for the families of the rich girls. While such a book might strike fear into the hearts of those who disdain didactic fiction, be not afraid! This book (so far) does no such thing. There are such nuances! Such perspicacity! Such heart!

June 2011