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A busy Wednesday evening at the super-busiest (yet physically tiny) branch of a large urban library system. The year: 2011. The date: July 13th Circa: 7:40 p.m. The patrons are (almost) bouncing off the walls, the building is that packed. Children play (or do summer school homework) on the computers. Teens skulk in corners, reading The Odyssey. Or a Justin Bieber biography. Or both. Adults browse the DVDs, the Chinese books, the EZ readers, the fiction, the Large Print, the new books…. Babies laugh and coo and scream and sleep. Toddlers run in circles. Or play with the wooden bead games. Or read board books with their big brothers and sisters. People of all ages borrow the bathroom key.
In addition to the general Wednesday evening roar of activity, a long line of patient and hopeful ESL patrons meanders through the branch – New Americans waiting to register for free ESOL classes. 
In the midst of the general hustle bustle, a YA librarian hears her name hollered by a deep-voiced tall fourteen year old, from all the way across the library…
Well, here it is, in skit form:
Yugi-oh Boy — Yesha!!!!!!…………..Yesha! YESHAAAAA!!!!
Yesha: What? How can I help you?
Yu-Gi-Oh! Boy — Ummm… Is it raining outside?
Yesha: (Astounded look.)
Yesha: (…)
Yesha: (deep breath)
Yesha: Um…. why don’t you go and _check_ !
(Mind you, our library branch does have windows. And a door. A door that is unlocked.) And these kids were/are playing Yu-Gi-Oh! (while I am helping patron after patron after patron!)
But, on the other hand, I am touched at their utter trust that I will take care of their every information need, no matter how small. Match that, Google!
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