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So excited to have found this great page on FB: 101 Indian Children’s Books We Love. There is a lot to peruse and discover on that page – check it out!

Many thanks to Mathu, who introduced me to the following cool rhymes book, and who herself, by the way, has an awesome and important YA book coming out soon!

image of book - Oluguti Toluguti: Indian Rhymes to Read and Recite

Oluguti Toluguti: Indian Rhymes to Read and Recite

 Oluguti Toluguti: Indian Rhymes to Read and Recite in turn led me down an internet rabbit-hole whereby I read further into publisher Tulika’s website, (they also have a site based in America, in New England), which then led me, via a hop, skip, and jump, to 101 Indian Children’s Books We Love

And many thanks also to Elaine, whose inquiry about good chapter books with Indian characters, led me through this mini-journey of discovery!

And now I’m out of breath!


Oh wait: Here is a link to Mathu’s (aka Mathangi Subramanian’s) upcoming new book: Bullying: The Ultimate Teen Guide. More on this soon!


the number Pi on the library's wall

gif of the number Pi on the library’s wall

Last week, in honor of Pi Day (3/14) and Pi Month (3 aka March 2014) we made Pi at the library… or at least as much Pi as would fit along the wall of the Youth Wing! In the end, that turned out to be 316 numbers (including the initial 3.14). That’s a lot of Pi!

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