Yesterday, on the President Obama declared National Day of Making, another Youth Services colleague – none other than the fabulous Emma Carbone of Miss Print — and I worked with teens to create marbled paper, in our weekly Makerspace program! The teens got a real kick out of it, as did we, as well as some of our colleagues! No one wanted to stop~ :-)

Two lessons we learned:
  1. We Must do this program Again!
  2. Next time, we will most definitely use cardstock, as that had the best results, although the thinner paper did yield some lovely floaty tie-dye results.
Enjoy the pics!
(oh and if you’re wondering what we used to get these effects, the kit we used is called the Aitoh Boku-Undo Suminagashi Marbling Kit. It’s fairly simple: You just need to also have water and a large(preferably shallow) container containing water. And a willing clean-up crew. :-)
20140618_160204 20140618_160110 20140618_155318 20140618_155228