This evening whilst working the late shift at the Children’s Desk, a young father came and asked me for what I first heard as the Aqua Kid (a book for kids, he said it was). After we established that I initially misheard him, and that what he actually said was Awkward Kid, I looked it up, to no avail. “Hmm,” we both thought. Upon seeing the one record that I did find, called simply Awkward, he said no, that was not it, but, you know, he could say for sure that the word “kid” was definitely in the title, and the other word was something like awkward, but maybe a similar word, not necessarily awkward? And that it’s a very popular series?

That was it. I snapped my fingers and asked, “Is it Diary of a Wimpy Kid” that you are looking for? Yes, he cried, and we shared a good laugh. Unfortunately all the Wimpy Kid books were checked out at the moment, but I was able to show him one of the books in the Big Nate series, which he happily took to read out loud to his daughter.

Next time I hope he lets me put Wimpy Kid (aka Awkward Kid) on hold for his daughter!


Awkwardness abounds in the Wimpy Kid series