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So excited to have found this great page on FB: 101 Indian Children’s Books We Love. There is a lot to peruse and discover on that page – check it out!

Many thanks to Mathu, who introduced me to the following cool rhymes book, and who herself, by the way, has an awesome and important YA book coming out soon!

image of book - Oluguti Toluguti: Indian Rhymes to Read and Recite

Oluguti Toluguti: Indian Rhymes to Read and Recite

 Oluguti Toluguti: Indian Rhymes to Read and Recite in turn led me down an internet rabbit-hole whereby I read further into publisher Tulika’s website, (they also have a site based in America, in New England), which then led me, via a hop, skip, and jump, to 101 Indian Children’s Books We Love

And many thanks also to Elaine, whose inquiry about good chapter books with Indian characters, led me through this mini-journey of discovery!

And now I’m out of breath!


Oh wait: Here is a link to Mathu’s (aka Mathangi Subramanian’s) upcoming new book: Bullying: The Ultimate Teen Guide. More on this soon!


Yesterday was quite stressful at the library. I came home soul-exhausted. There were some incorrigible customers who seemed to relish putting the librarian through her paces. But on second thought, there were some thought-provoking and delightful encounters that made the day well worth living. Here are some highlights.

Two Pakistani-American girls befriended me at the children’s desk. One of them shadowed me all day and even helped with reference transactions. I think it made her feel grown-up and responsible. The best part was when we were talking about how bad my spoken Hindi/Urdu is. I explained to them that Hindi isn’t my mother tongue. Then they asked me where I come from. India, I replied. We silently digested the fact that “our countries” are having some “problems” at the moment. One of them said, Read the rest of this entry »

The South Asian Literary Recordings Project is an exciting project in which 79 authors from the South Asian region have been recorded reading works written in their native languages — 18 different languages, in fact! I was first introduced to the website for the project by an e-friend who had been listening to a podcast of mine in which I interviewed a family member who recited Ghalib’s poetry in Urdu and who thought I’d be intrigued by this broader and more encompassing audio project. Read the rest of this entry »

July 2020