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The end of the semester in sight, I have a slew of things to do:

1. Study for final in Cataloging

2. Create presentation re: Podcasting (I agreed to make a presentation/workshop re: podcasting for another class… Volunteered, in fact. Whether this was wise or foolish remains to be seen!)

3. Do my darn Pathfinder!

yikes yikes yikes

I have a couple of podcast shows which discuss the desi immigrant experience, but I haven’t uploaded new episodes in a tremendously long time– and there are so many episodes that are lying dormant on my computer – half edited Audacity files, unedited mp3 files, half written scripts… you name it, it’s there. I also have a separate podcasting project I want to do for work, on a team with another library associate, wherein we will work with the youth from our communities (an immensely diverse group) on recording their experiences as first and second generation immigrants.

Ah, but where’s the time?!

I hope that once this semester’s over, I will be able to attack all of my podcasting projects with gusto and stop this “podcrastinating!”

The South Asian Literary Recordings Project is an exciting project in which 79 authors from the South Asian region have been recorded reading works written in their native languages — 18 different languages, in fact! I was first introduced to the website for the project by an e-friend who had been listening to a podcast of mine in which I interviewed a family member who recited Ghalib’s poetry in Urdu and who thought I’d be intrigued by this broader and more encompassing audio project. Read the rest of this entry »

July 2020