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The end of the semester in sight, I have a slew of things to do:

1. Study for final in Cataloging

2. Create presentation re: Podcasting (I agreed to make a presentation/workshop re: podcasting for another class… Volunteered, in fact. Whether this was wise or foolish remains to be seen!)

3. Do my darn Pathfinder!

yikes yikes yikes

I am loving this Web 2.0 how to design your website with simplicity guide by Ben Hunt (found on the website design by scratch site) which I found via an online search recently, but which, due to grad school pressures, I didn’t have time to look into. Ironically one of my grad school assignments was to create a website, so actually, I could have used the tips from this site…

But no problem, I’ll take their lessons to heart for my real, actual honest-to-goodness website which I will create soon. When? I don’t know. But… soon.

In the meantime, here, check out Alex Dukal’s beautiful site, which was given by Ben Hunt as an example of a website which works extremely well, being simultaneously simple and yet richly nuanced. Alex Dukal is an illustrator and graphic artist, and after having seen his site, I now want to share it with one of my favorite coworkers, the children’s librarian where I work… I love the synergy of the web sometimes. :)

Years ago, I wrote a short story about a young woman who got into trouble with her long distance phone company by racking up a huge phone bill. In that story, in the days before ubiquitous cell phone usage, her “astronomical phone bill” was in the whopping amount of $853.52, which many of my Writing workshop peers found to be somewhat unbelievable. Well… better believe it, ‘cuz, as they say, “Truth is stranger than Fiction.”

Check out the below story to learn just how much financial trouble technology can get us into: Read the rest of this entry »

I have a couple of podcast shows which discuss the desi immigrant experience, but I haven’t uploaded new episodes in a tremendously long time– and there are so many episodes that are lying dormant on my computer – half edited Audacity files, unedited mp3 files, half written scripts… you name it, it’s there. I also have a separate podcasting project I want to do for work, on a team with another library associate, wherein we will work with the youth from our communities (an immensely diverse group) on recording their experiences as first and second generation immigrants.

Ah, but where’s the time?!

I hope that once this semester’s over, I will be able to attack all of my podcasting projects with gusto and stop this “podcrastinating!”

I discovered an intriguing video dubbed Information R/evolution via the Library Student Journal Blog. In fact, I’m linking to it via their blog, which is itself a great new discovery (for me) and which I’ll be adding to my blogroll.

Information R/evolution was made by Michael Wesch, who is an Assistant Professor of Cultural Anthropology at Kansas State University. What I discovered from reading about him on KSU’s website is that he also created Web 2.0 … The Machine is Us/ing Us in January of 2007, which became an instant YouTube hit, which has now been seen over 3 million times.

I feel like I’m in a whirlwind of information flying at me and by me as I view these videos. I find them exciting, stimulating, but also a bit overwhelming… There is just so much information out there to absorb. No wonder the phrase information overload has become ubiquitous. But, what to do? I’m simultaneously excited to learn all this and overwhelmed by all this…


Too tired right now to describe…

but check out these links on Web 2.0

(maybe in the future I’ll be untired enough to edit?)

July 2020