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I feel so happy right now, I just had to share. I was just speaking with one of our regular patrons. She’s a mother of two girls, and she and the girls are often to be seen doing homework, reading, and participating in programs. A few weeks ago she and I had spoken about the job market and how difficult it is to find the kind of job you are best suited for. She just shared with me that she had taken my suggestion to use our “book a librarian” service to meet with a Business and Careers librarian at our Business Library and has gotten a job as a result of advice given to her by that librarian!


So, I got called up to the circulation desk to translate to a patron who did not know that one needs a library card in order to borrow books. My coworker thought that she and I spoke the same language (Hindu/Urdu) but… we didn’t. And despite my one year study of Arabic, I had to rely on Google translate.

Click pic for the convo…

So, this 14 year old girl came up to me to ask about a book, but it soon turned out that she was asking on behalf of her friend, a 14 year old boy who felt embarrassed about his English, which he did not need to be. But such is teenagedom. See the screenshot for a peek into the conversation that ensued. :-)

And if you can guess which book/movie we are talking of, do take a shot at it below!

Here is a screenshot of my computer, a bit earlier in the day… It shows just the tip of the iceberg of what working in a bustling immigrant neighborhood library is like!

… which I discovered while surfing the web today to take the temperature of Libraryland!

 The name of the blog is as specific as it gets:

Friends: Social Networking Sites for Engaged Library Services

And the description is: Friends: Social Networking Sites for Engaged Library Services is devoted to the use of online social networking sites for any and all types of library-related programs or services.

Upon a quick preliminary perusal, this site appears to me quite packed with useful information with library students –or new librarians– eager and willing to learn exactly how social networking could be used in creative ways to enhance library services. It’s great to read at this time, because I was just starting to feel somewhat cynical about “all the technology” out there, wondering whether or not this was just more stuff to surf and have fun with, or if there really is some use which librarians –and users– can make of it, besides the “isn’t it so cool I found my friend from ten years ago on Facebook” feature. I’ll definitely be adding this blog to my library blogroll!

Here is the blog entry which caught my eye today…

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