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Recently I asked many friends, both online and off, to recommend one book they had read in the past year. In fact here is exactly what I asked:

hello friends!
I have a request for you… If you could recommend (to me or to anyone else) one book that you read in the past year (loosely defined, doesn’t have to be exactly within the ’08 time span) then what would it be? Who is it by? And why would you recommend it? (The why can be as short or as long as you like. It could even be one word, if you don’t want to write much.)

Linked here for your perusal and enjoyment is the result of everyone’s combined efforts.

Friends, thank you so much for playing the book game along with me!  If you would like to add a book to the list linked above, do fill out this simple form!

P.S. Rajeev Alexander gets the prize (so far) for longest, most thorough review. Thank you, R! :-)

The South Asian Women’s Creative Collective is having their fifth annual LitFest–with the intriguing name of Electric Ladyland–on November 2nd and 3rd… As a bookish desi I of course had to blog this!

Here is the description of the festival as listed on their website:

The South Asian Women’e Creative Collective (SAWCC) and The New School University invite you to Electric Ladyland, SAWCC’s fifth annual literary event. Thistwo-day series of readings, panels and workshops features South Asians writing literature that personal, political, and popular.

As pop culture and politics intersect, literature provides an avenue for women to find their groove. This festival explores the electricity of South Asians writing in a different time, in different ways—through the lenses of music, food, the Internet, politics, criticism, poetry and fiction. Electric Ladyland will provide an opportunity for these works to converge and spark new dialogue.

I don’t know what I am most excited about… Is the mash-up reading on Nov 2nd? (I’ll be reading too!) Is it the two writing workshops (one on fiction, the other on memoir) on Nov 3rd? Is it the politics and writing panel on the 3rd? Or is it just the idea of tons of interesting, electrically-bookish desi folks converging for a weekend of delicious literary talk in NYC?

Perhaps I’ll see some of you at Electric Ladyland? (ps Males are quite welcome to attend as well! :) )


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